3 Nights 8 Days Trip Part 1

Welcome aboard!


This is my first travel post!


As the title shows, I had 3 nights 8 days trip. I’m sure many people thinks that travel usually sounds like “3 nights 4 days” or ¬†“3 nights 5 days” if you travel somewhere far. However, in this time I had “3 nights 8 days” trip, so that means I had simply 4 nights in airplanes.


As always, I start my trip by taking this picture of sign at YVR airport.


Day 1: Departure

I get a window side seat this time, so I took a picture of engine.


Dinner and breakfast are provided, since it is a long haul flight.

After 12 hour 30 minutes, I arrive in Hong Kong International Airport.


Day: 2 Transit 

Since I fly over the international date line, it’s day 2.


After 6 hours of transit at Hong Kong International Airport, I’m flying to the next destination, Dubai. Since the flight CX745 is from Hong Kong to Bahrain through Dubai, the flight information board shows “Hong Kong to Bahrain”


Day 3: Another Flight

Since, it’s 1:40 AM, it’s day 3 of 8 days trip.


One of the main purpose of this trip is redeeming millage. Last year, I had more than 100,000 miles in my account and it was about to expire, so I decided to redeem it for free business class trip to Dubai.

DSC01696 DSC01697 DSC01704DSC01716

The seat looks completely different than economy class seats. The seat is called “Cirrus” made by Zodiac Aerospace. It has 15 inch display, personal storage beside seat (including shoes storage), and the biggest feature of this seat is that the seat becomes a flat bed,.

This 9 hour flight departs from Hong Kong at 1:40 AM and arrive in Dubai at 7:00 AM, they provide dinner and breakfast. I tried to take some pictures of the food during the flight, but since the lighting in flight is not blight enough, I only shot low quality picture of food…

DSC01726 DSC01731 DSC01732 DSC01733

I’m surprised that they provide very good latte in the airplane and it was perfect taste for breakfast.

DSC01735 DSC01764

After 8 hour 30 minutes, the airplane start descending to Dubai International Airport (DXB). After landing, I saw so many Emirates Airlines’ airplanes because Dubai is their hub airport.


After that, I go through the immigration and customs, then go to the exit to take a taxi to my destination.


Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

Continued to 3 Nights 8 Days Trip Part 2.



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