3 Nights 8 Days Trip Part 3

Welcome aboard!


Day 4: Abu Dhabi Day 2 & Dubai Day 1

After one night of nice hotel stay, I woke up and decided to go to swimming pool in the hotel.

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The swimming pool is located 19th floor of the hotel and I can see wonderful view of Abu Dhabi from it. Since, it was February, it is considered as winter in Abu Dhabi, although the temperature was 25 degrees Celsius and there were nobody in the pool. So I enjoyed so much in the pool with the great view.

I spent about an hour in the swimming pool and get ready for check out after that.


Emirates Palace Hotel

Emirates Palace Hotel, some travel books and websites call it “7 Stars Hotel”. This hotel became very famous because of the movie, “Sex and the City 2”. This hotel is also one of the most famous places in Abu Dhabi and I decided to go there (not to stay, but for cafe).

However, the hotel has a policy that only hotel guests and restaurant guests can enter the hotel building. So, I booked a cafe through the concierge of Hyatt hotel and went for lunch.


The hotel building was rounded by many fountains and it was hard to realize that I was in a country in desert. At cafe in a lobby floor of the hotel, I had this hotel’s signature cappuccino which is decorated with 24K gold leaves (60 UAE Dirham), as many tourists do in this hotel.

The interior of the hotel was also gorgeous and I can easily recognize that this hotel is called as “7 stars hotel”.


After I visited Emirates Palace Hotel, I took a taxi ride to Dubai.


Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

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