3 Nights 8 Days Trip Part 4

Welcome aboard!


Day 5: Discovering Hong Kong and Hong Kong International Airport

Since, my flight arrive at Hong Kong International Airport at 4:30 AM, I have to wait until around 9 AM or 10 PM which most of stores’open time.DSC02247DSC02249

At 4:30 AM, although Hong Kong International Airport is considered as one of the busiest airports in the world, it is very quiet around this time. It was very interesting to see the quiet check-in area, which I’ve never seen.

So I decide to go to Cathay Pacific Airways’ arrival lounge in the airport.

DSC02263 DSC02254DSC02259

Arrival lounge has small sofa area, buffet food area (breakfast was served when I went there) and shower rooms with washroom. It  is very small comparing to departure lounges. After 5 AM, the lounge was packed with a lot of people arrived from long haul flights from Europe, North America, and South Pacific region, since Cathay Pacific has so many flights arriving in Hong Kong between 5 AM and 7 AM for the connection flights leaving Hong Kong from 8 AM to 10 AM.

After few hour of staying at arrival lounge, I decided to discover Hong Kong because my flight to next destination is 1 AM.

DSC02292 DSC02290 DSC02274 DSC02297

When I visited Hong Kong, it was Chinese New Year week, so there are decorations for celebration everywhere and a lot more tourists than usual. Another thing I noticed was the air quality in Hong Kong. When I visited Hong Kong in 2011, 2012 and 2013, the air quality is not as polluted as this time. In addition, it was hard to see skyscrapers in Hong Kong Island from Kowloon side.

After sightseeing and having good food in Hong Kong, I decided to go back to Hong Kong airport for another flight to next destination.

The trip time from Kowloon station to the airport is only 24 minutes. From my experience, Hong Kong has one of the fastest airport express train in the world.  It takes only 26 minutes from the airport to Hong Kong station, which is central of Hong Kong and where various businesses take place.

After a short transit trip in Hong Kong, I came back to the airport.

DSC02327  DSC02329

Airplane watching as usual.

After spending few hours in the airport, the boarding for the flight had started. The time in Hong Kong was 1:20, so it was Day 6 of 8 Days Trip!


Next destination: Singapore!

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

Continued to 3 Nights 8 Days Trip Part 5.

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