3 Nights 8 Days Trip Part 6

Welcome aboard!

Day 6: Singapore Part 2

As you may expect, the temperature in Singapore is extremely humid., which probably many people in Vancouver are not familiar with. Unlikely the summer in Vancouver, it’s wet and hot. What I mean by wet is that you keep sweating and your T-shirts sticks to your skin. However, the great thing is that everywhere is airconditioned or even over-airconditioned, so I needed to bring jackets to go anywhere in Singapore.

DSC02560 DSC02493 DSC02456 DSC02627 Marina Bay Sands, one of the newest symbolic architecture in Singapore and known as a luxurious hotel which has a rooftop swimming pool on the top of the building (or I should say buildings). Unfortunately, I could not afford to pay $700 for a night, so I decided to visit Gardens By The Bay, which is a huge garden behind Marina Bay Sands.

It has two large domes which are called “Flower Domes” and “Cloud Forest”. I was amazed that there are so many different kinds of plants and flowers from all over the world. Another amazing thing about those gardens is that they have flowers from different seasons at the same place. I would recommend this place if you are visiting Singapore, and also the regular gardens outside of domes are free to enter.


At night of day 7, it was almost the end of my one week journey. Since there is no direct flight from Singapore to Vancouver, flew to Hong Kong, and then flew back to Vancouver.

DSC02704 DSC02699 DSC02690 DSC02687

One thing I was excited about visiting Singapore is that I got a chance to visit Changi International Airport. This airport is always ranked top 3 airports in the world certified by Skytrax. I visited Terminal 1, which were constructed when they build the airport. However, I did not feel that the airport is 25 years old. It is very well maintenance and renovated for modern design and great duty-free shopping and dining facilities.

I took a very early morning flight to Hong Kong, and as soon as I got into the airplane and had a seat, I fall into sleep.

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Continued to 3 Nights 8 Days Trip Part 7.

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