3 Nights 8 Days Trip Part 7 (Last Part)

Welcome aboard!

Day 8: On my way to home.

Finally, it comes to the end of my journey.  Since, there is no direct flight from Singapore to Vancouver, I transited in Hong Kong. So, that means I visited Hong Kong International Airport 4 times in a week.

It took 4 hours from Singapore to Hong Kong and 12 and a half hour from Hong Kong to Vancouver.


Luckily I got the first low of Premium Economy class on my way back to Vancouver. So, it was comfortable and after the first meal service, I fall into a long sleep and when I woke up was just few hours before the second meal service.


As always,it was hard to take a good picture of in-flight meals because of the lighting. After a long journey, I safely arrived Vancouver International Airport.


When I saw it was raining, I felt that I came back to Vancouver. I pretty enjoyed my short one week break with a lot of flights, which I loved.

I had planned this trip because I wanted to let people know trip can be made any styles. It doesn’t have to be a week cruise in Mexico or 5 nights 7 days in Paris. It could be 3 nights 8 days in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore. Many of my friends told me that I am crazy about making travel plans, but I want to visit as many places as possible in my life with short breaks I get. That’s one of the reasons I plan this trip.

Thank you for reading long series of blog posts!

Have a nice day!

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