Airport Lounge review: New Cathay Pacific Business Class Lounge at YVR

Unimaginable before and after. That’s what I thought when I first saw the press release photos of Cathay Pacific’s new lounge at YVR airport. Cathay Pacific Airways, the largest airline in Asia recently opened a lounge for business class passengers in YVR airport. I’ll reviewing and comparing this lounge and their old lounge in this post.

They used to own a lounge at YVR airport near the international departure security check, right above Air Canada’s Maple Leaf lounge (which is currently under renovation). It was somewhat nice lounge as I didn’t have to walk a long distance from the security check and was very easy to access. However, I also had some points that I didn’t like about their lounge. Overall, I can see a lot of improvements in the new lounge and it’s fair to say that the new lounge is much more travelers friendly environment.

Here are some photos of the lounge.

It had contemporary simple design with their old lounge concept design, the large white bar-style table with orange and red sofas. It still looked nice but as you may feel the design is a bit outdated. In addition, it wasn’t large enough if all business class passenger enter in the lounge, especially right before the night flight to New York depart. I also didn’t like that it didn’t have shower facilities in it. So even though, I wanted to take a shower before the long flight to Hong Kong, I had to go to Plaza Premium Lounge or took shower in advance before heading to the airport.

So, it’s time to see the new one. Here are some photos of the new lounge.


It’s large, gorgeous, and relaxing environment. I can see a lot of improvements from the old lounge.

The design follows Cathay Pacific’s most recent lounge design, designed by Studioilse led by Ilse Crawford. Very contemporary design with warm wooden wall gives more relaxing atmosphere to passengers who are about to enjoy their journeys.

There are some big changes in the lounge. The lounge is equipped with 2 shower rooms for the passengers who are about to take long flights, the noodle bar with selection of Asian noodles, dim sums and all day breakfast menu. The computers with printers are also new feature, which are very useful for travellers who want to print some important documents, such as travel inquiries and hotel booking confirmations.

I tried Wonton noodle, dim sums and a glass of champagne at the noodle bar in the dining area. It tasted very authentic Chinese wonton noodle and champagne tasted great! There were also enough seats at the dining area and the passengers who want to relax and who want to eat are nicely separated and the lounge provided very relaxing atmosphere at the relaxing seating area. They used to serve champagne only in the first class lounge, however they started providing selection of champagne and wines in business class lounge too. So the services other than seating and spacing also improved a lot.

I’m pretty sure that in this lounge, people would plan to eat and drink before taking flight and sleep in the flight instead of eat in-flight meal, which don’t usually taste better than food on the ground.

The only one negative point about the new lounge is that they removed the first class lounge and made business and first class lounges together. So that, the first class passengers may feel a bit less privileged. However, the new lounge has pretty high standard and you can experience first class lounge service in business class lounge.


If you’re traveling from YVR airport international terminal with OneWorld airlines and have OneWorld sapphire or emerald status, or flying Cathay Pacific’s business class, you definitely try the new lounge. Relaxing and having good food before flight can make a huge difference in the flight. It changes traveling much better experience and helped to travel well.

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