3 Nights 8 Days Trip Part 6

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Day 6: Singapore Part 2

As you may expect, the temperature in Singapore is extremely humid., which probably many people in Vancouver are not familiar with. Unlikely the summer in Vancouver, it’s wet and hot. What I mean by wet is that you keep sweating and your T-shirts sticks to your skin. However, the great thing is that everywhere is airconditioned or even over-airconditioned, so I needed to bring jackets to go anywhere in Singapore.

DSC02560 DSC02493 DSC02456 DSC02627 Marina Bay Sands, one of the newest symbolic architecture in Singapore and known as a luxurious hotel which has a rooftop swimming pool on the top of the building (or I should say buildings). Unfortunately, I could not afford to pay $700 for a night, so I decided to visit Gardens By The Bay, which is a huge garden behind Marina Bay Sands.

It has two large domes which are called “Flower Domes” and “Cloud Forest”. I was amazed that there are so many different kinds of plants and flowers from all over the world. Another amazing thing about those gardens is that they have flowers from different seasons at the same place. I would recommend this place if you are visiting Singapore, and also the regular gardens outside of domes are free to enter.


At night of day 7, it was almost the end of my one week journey. Since there is no direct flight from Singapore to Vancouver, flew to Hong Kong, and then flew back to Vancouver.

DSC02704 DSC02699 DSC02690 DSC02687

One thing I was excited about visiting Singapore is that I got a chance to visit Changi International Airport. This airport is always ranked top 3 airports in the world certified by Skytrax. I visited Terminal 1, which were constructed when they build the airport. However, I did not feel that the airport is 25 years old. It is very well maintenance and renovated for modern design and great duty-free shopping and dining facilities.

I took a very early morning flight to Hong Kong, and as soon as I got into the airplane and had a seat, I fall into sleep.

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New Year, New Me, New Air Canada

The new year is a good timing to start something new, especially something you haven’t tried before.

A couple weeks ago, Air Canada, the largest airline in Canada and one of the best-rated airlines in the North America releases information regarding their new livery and the new uniform for its employees.


I was very surprised about this new livery.  Air Canada’s current livery is still great and modern design which they could use the next 20 years for sure. When Air Canada introduced the current light blue livery, it was a turning point for airlines’ liveries. Before that, most of the airlines had very bright vivid colors for their liveries and none of them used light neutral color for liveries. And Air Canada’s current livery still look good and people can easily recognize that’s Air Canada’s aircraft.

The new livery looks very classic, in a good way, but also in a bad way. It looks like a concept design of new aircraft, especially the dark shade on the front windows around the cockpit. Without the Air Canada logo, it’s very hard to identify which airline’s aircraft it is.  The new livery also looks like the one used in decades ago, when other airlines used vivid bright colors for their logos and liveries. Bring the classic taste n design would be nice, but I think it would be nice if they added some notable essence of Air Canada to show their identities.

3 Nights 8 Days Trip Part 5

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Day 6: Singapore Part 1

Some of you may think “Why I did not stay in Hong Kong and fly to Singapore?” Well, if you have been to Hong Kong or have planned a trip to Hong Kong, you would know that hotels in Hong Kong are very expensive because Hong kong Dollars changes according to USD changes. So, staying one night in 3 stars hotel in Hong Kong would cost almost same as the total of the round trip from Hong Kong and Singapore and one night in 4 stars hotel in Singapore.  So, that’s why I decided to visit Singapore instead of staying in Hong Kong, and another reason is I’ve never been to Singapore.


The flight was full although it was night flight which arrives Singapore at 5:50 AM.

I took a taxi ride to hotel and decided to take a rest.

DSC02369DSC02680 DSC02432DSC02417

After few hour of discovering Singapore, I started loving sSingapore so much, not only because I visited there in February when Vancouver is freezing and wet all day, but it also because of great food with very cheap price.

One of the most famous Singaporean cuisines is chicken rice (or Hainan chicken rice).  It is a steamed or roasted chicken served with rice and soup. The price range for chicken rice in regular food courts is between $3.5 and $5.0 (1 Singapore Dollar is almost same as 1 Canadian Dollar). So, those are cheap and taste amazingly great.


Another notable thing about Singapore is the developed public transit. I could go pretty much every major places in Singapore by using subways. The ticket for subway ride is also cheap. I love cities with great public transit or have cheap taxi fare, because I don’t have the  international drivers licence and also I like taking public transit because it makes me feel like becoming local people in the places I visit.DSC02397DSC02393DSC02413

In the evening, I went to see Merlion, one of the symbolic statue of Singapore. The contrast between Merlion and tall buildings in Marina area creates great atmosphere that made me think this is a special place, not similar to anywhere in the world. After enjoying the great view of Merlion and beautiful buildings, I visited The Long Bar in Raffles Hotel to drink Singapore Sling. It tasted great and became one of my favorite cocktail so far.

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3 Nights 8 Days Trip Part 4

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Day 5: Discovering Hong Kong and Hong Kong International Airport

Since, my flight arrive at Hong Kong International Airport at 4:30 AM, I have to wait until around 9 AM or 10 PM which most of stores’open time.DSC02247DSC02249

At 4:30 AM, although Hong Kong International Airport is considered as one of the busiest airports in the world, it is very quiet around this time. It was very interesting to see the quiet check-in area, which I’ve never seen.

So I decide to go to Cathay Pacific Airways’ arrival lounge in the airport.

DSC02263 DSC02254DSC02259

Arrival lounge has small sofa area, buffet food area (breakfast was served when I went there) and shower rooms with washroom. It  is very small comparing to departure lounges. After 5 AM, the lounge was packed with a lot of people arrived from long haul flights from Europe, North America, and South Pacific region, since Cathay Pacific has so many flights arriving in Hong Kong between 5 AM and 7 AM for the connection flights leaving Hong Kong from 8 AM to 10 AM.

After few hour of staying at arrival lounge, I decided to discover Hong Kong because my flight to next destination is 1 AM.

DSC02292 DSC02290 DSC02274 DSC02297

When I visited Hong Kong, it was Chinese New Year week, so there are decorations for celebration everywhere and a lot more tourists than usual. Another thing I noticed was the air quality in Hong Kong. When I visited Hong Kong in 2011, 2012 and 2013, the air quality is not as polluted as this time. In addition, it was hard to see skyscrapers in Hong Kong Island from Kowloon side.

After sightseeing and having good food in Hong Kong, I decided to go back to Hong Kong airport for another flight to next destination.

The trip time from Kowloon station to the airport is only 24 minutes. From my experience, Hong Kong has one of the fastest airport express train in the world.  It takes only 26 minutes from the airport to Hong Kong station, which is central of Hong Kong and where various businesses take place.

After a short transit trip in Hong Kong, I came back to the airport.

DSC02327  DSC02329

Airplane watching as usual.

After spending few hours in the airport, the boarding for the flight had started. The time in Hong Kong was 1:20, so it was Day 6 of 8 Days Trip!


Next destination: Singapore!

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3 Nights 8 Days Trip Part 3

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Day 4: Abu Dhabi Day 2 & Dubai Day 1

After one night of nice hotel stay, I woke up and decided to go to swimming pool in the hotel.

DSC01981 DSC01983 DSC02014

The swimming pool is located 19th floor of the hotel and I can see wonderful view of Abu Dhabi from it. Since, it was February, it is considered as winter in Abu Dhabi, although the temperature was 25 degrees Celsius and there were nobody in the pool. So I enjoyed so much in the pool with the great view.

I spent about an hour in the swimming pool and get ready for check out after that.


Emirates Palace Hotel

Emirates Palace Hotel, some travel books and websites call it “7 Stars Hotel”. This hotel became very famous because of the movie, “Sex and the City 2”. This hotel is also one of the most famous places in Abu Dhabi and I decided to go there (not to stay, but for cafe).

However, the hotel has a policy that only hotel guests and restaurant guests can enter the hotel building. So, I booked a cafe through the concierge of Hyatt hotel and went for lunch.


The hotel building was rounded by many fountains and it was hard to realize that I was in a country in desert. At cafe in a lobby floor of the hotel, I had this hotel’s signature cappuccino which is decorated with 24K gold leaves (60 UAE Dirham), as many tourists do in this hotel.

The interior of the hotel was also gorgeous and I can easily recognize that this hotel is called as “7 stars hotel”.


After I visited Emirates Palace Hotel, I took a taxi ride to Dubai.


Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

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