Process Post 11

The last day of the lecture in this semester. Before the final presentation of my project which I’ve been working on for three months, we had a guest speaker in the lecture.

The guest speaker, Patrick Pennefather taught a lot of useful skills for the presentation.  One most notable things he mentioned was to know what I’m presenting well. I completely agreed with what he said. I usually get really nervous when I present in front of many people. Although I know that many students are not focusing on other presentations as they are also nervous about their presentation or thinking about the last minutes changes for their presentations, I still get very nervous and sometimes forget what I say. In addition, if I’m not 100% sure about what I present, my presentation would be very miserable. In PUB201, I know what I’m doing and what I’ve been working on as I’m writing what I’m passionate about, so I know what I present very well and very confident about what to say.

Later in class, the whole class moved to another room and did voice practice. It was very interesting to identify where the voice comes from and how to practice voice before presenting. It made me somewhat relaxing and be more confident about talking in front of many people.

I’ve learned a lot of things in PUB201 and hopefully I can do well on the final presentation without panicking and forgetting what I’m supposed to tell in class.

Contents Creation (Video) Assignment

As my blog post shows, I take a lot of photos when I travel, however, I haven’t take many videos as i don’t have a great video taking skill. However, I still try to take videos at least when airplanes are taking off and landing to the airport. So, the time an airplane leaves a runway and arrives on a runway. When I was thinking about the name of my blog, one of the reasons I decided to go with “Contrail and Runways” is that airplanes are not always flying, they need time to spend on the ground and something to connect them between the ground and sky is runways. Between two runways, the contrail can connect those two points in the world, and make one flight. So, the runways are the points where airplanes lave to the sky and comes back to the ground, contrail is the line which connects those two points. 

So, I combined two of my videos. As it is obvious from the video quality, I don’t have great video taking or editing skill. However, you can still hear the powerful sound of engines and I hope that what attracts aviation enthusiasts. Here is the link to the video. 

I hope this video can present the idea that the reason why I included the word “runways” in my blog title and explains how meaningful those are, 

Process Post 10

In week 10 of class, it’s very close to the end of the semester.

In the tutorial, I tested my websites’ mobile friendliness by using mobiletest. It seems like on some devices, my website is displayed weirdly on certain devices, like on the iPad mini.  I’ve been trying to make my website as mobile friendly and easy to read as possible, however sometimes the placement of photos and texts may seem awkward or not mobile-friendly. Since, my blog mainly talks about airplanes, airports, airlines, and travel, the visual images are very important and deliver the contents in an appropriate way is necessary to keep my audience entertained and attracting.

It is sometimes hard to put a lot of photos and texts in one post as it may break the balance within my website. I have been trying to make every post be the similar length and help the audience to keep the same reading speed. In case a post may go over my average length, I also consider about breaking the posts into multiple blog posts. I used this method for my 3 Nights 8 Days travel series. This travel series was very long series as I had to expand it up to part 7. I believe that by using this method to breaking one travel review into several posts, the audience can feel like they’re traveling with me and feel the excitement of what will happen the next.

Optimizing contents for the target audience is significant to increase the user friendliness of my website and make the audience want to return my website to discover more of my contents.

Peer Review for Pacific West Photography


Pacific West Photography is a great website to discover the beautiful nature of the British Columbia and the west coast culture. Pacific West Photography has an Instagram page, which features beautiful photos she has taken. In terms of the social media use, there is the link of the Instagram with the icon, which makes easy for the audience to visit her Instagram page. I think using only Instagram is a great decision, as her website mainly focuses on the beautiful nature of the British Columbia and Instagram is a much better platform to share photos in public, comparing to other social media platforms.

On her Instagram page, she posted photos she has posted on her website. Each photo has a lot of hashtags that helps to bring the audience into her Instagram photos. She also has the link to her website on the bio. The bio of the Instagram is very simple but describes enough about what her Instagram page is about. The contents of the Instagram is very well-related to her website contents. Regarding her Instagram page, I would suggest two things she can improve to make it better. The first point is the comments for her food photos. Her Instagram page has some food photos which she introduced on her website in details, so that audience who have visited her Instagram can go to her website to discover in depth of the recipes she writes. Since she posted many great photos of food, she could have written “link in bio for the recipe” to guide her Instagram followers and audience to her website to make the traffic more active. The second point is her communication with her audience and followers. She gets a lot of positive comments on the posts to compliments her beautiful contents. However, it seems like she has not replied to most of the comments she gets. So, I would recommend her to reply even very short words such as “Thanks!” to show that she actually care about her audience and followers. If she replies specific comment, the person who commented gets a notification and it increases the chance to bring that person back to her Instagram page. Social media is a place to communicate with the audience and followers, so if she shows her caring attitude toward her audience, they more likely to come back to her page and check new posts.

Overall, Pacific West Photography Instagram page has great contents and a lot of followers. Her use of hashtags and beautiful photos has potential to increase the access to her blog page through the link in bio. She may need minor improvements for the response for the comments, and the comment to introduce recipes of the food she posts. However, other than those, her Instagram page is great and very enjoyable to see all those beautiful pictures.


Process Post 9

This week, we had a guest speaker, Tod Maffin from engageQ. He talked about the crisis management on social media channels for corporations and organizations.

In the age of social media and online communications, responses for customers/users/clients on social media channels need to be very careful and thoughtful in order to avoid social media crisis, such as Twitter War.

He mentioned “SWARM” the way to communicate with people on social media channels. SWARM stands for

  • Speak like a human
  • Win-Win
  • Avoid a public fight
  • Rights the wrong
  • Make friends

The first point, “speak like a human” is a very basic skill to understand customers’ feeling. If a customer gets a message/email which seems like written by an AI or copy and pasted text, the customer more likely to get angrier and the situation gets even worse.

Win-win is that both of customer and company win together as solving problems in the way benefits both of them. However, customers may be just angry and if that’s the case, a company cannot do much or it is hard to help to let company win at the same time.

Avoid a public fight is another very useful advice from Tod. As many organizations use social media, they need to minimize the risk that someone spreads negative information/comments on social media, where everyone in the world can see.

Rights the wrong is very significant for a company. If a customer is misinformed or has wrong information, correct the wrong information can be very helpful to let the customer understand why the things went wrong.

Finally, make friends is a great opportunity to change an angry customer to a loyal customer who loves the product/service a company provides.

In the future, when I expand my website services, those 5 key points to keep good customer relation becomes very significant. This information is also important for dealing with any customers in general in my life.