Process Post 8

In this week, the main theme was customer services and public relation.

We were given four examples that companies/individuals had problems with a public relation on social media platforms. The most obvious one is the ad campaign run by Victoria’s Secret’s “perfect body” campaign. Obviously, there is no standard of “perfect body” for everyone. Everyone has different ideal body images and those needed to be respected. However, Victoria’s Secret used models who look pretty similar to push the image of their “perfect body” for every customer. In this case, this ad campaign fired on many social media platforms and there were a lot of critique toward Victoria’s Secret.

Another advertisement example used in the class was Ethiopian Airlines’ ads in London Heathrow airport. The TA told that when he traveled to London, there were many Ethiopian Airlines advertisement at the terminal. What I thought after hearing the story was that Ethiopian Airlines wanted people to be aware that Ethiopian Airlines exists. When people like me, an aviation enthusiast hear about African airline, mostly they would imagine South African Airlines, because of their network and some events/issues/incidents related to South African Airlines. So, building public image takes time, effort and money. From my perspective, Ethiopian Airlines is one of the best airlines in Africa, as they purchased many brand new aircraft such as A350 and B787 and improving their services. However, there are many people who do not know what Ethiopian Airlines is. So that, their marketing strategies to post a lot of advertisements at Heathrow Airport, one of the busiest airports in the world would be ideal to reach as many people as possible, and like my TA, people who don’t know Ethiopian Airlines can be aware of them.

It actually makes sense that Ethiopian Airlines put ads on London Heathrow Airport as Ethiopia is located in the North Africa and there is demand for people who travel from Europe to Africa transit in Ethiopia or people travel from the Southeast Asia to Europe via Ethiopia.

The ad campaign and reaching out to the target audience is very significant to expand the sales, awareness toward the brand and getting more customers. However, the ad campaign needs to be done in right way as many ad campaigns failed like the example of Victoria’s Secret.

Process Post 7

Week 7 Lecture

Advertising and sponsored posts/contents

The example of The review article for a camera and the editorial process to publish the article helped to understand how those sponsored contents were made. The company which provides a product for the writer/reviewer wants to emphasize the benefits and advantages of the products as much as they can and ask to minimize the negative comment for the products. In addition, the sponsor also desires to decide the length of the review as they pointed out that many readers do not read over 1500 words review.

Another thing I learned in the lecture is that to write a sponsored content, ethics is a significant part. The writer/reviewer of a sponsored content needs to mention that the content is sponsored, instead of hiding sponsorship and pretend to write a legit review article. To let the audience know whether the review article is sponsored or not is very significant in order to build credibility and trust between the author and audience. At this point, I haven’t reached out to any companies to sponsor my blog or giving me products/services to review. However, in the future, it may happen and to keep the ethics for advertised contents in my mind is hugely significant for both building audience and keeping their trust toward my contents.

Process Post 6

In this week, the storytelling is the main theme for the week.

Storytelling is a widely used method for advertising now these days. Instead of telling customers and consumers to buy or use their products/services, advertisers reach to customer/consumer’s emotional side and convince them to make the needs for their products.

I found the British Airways’ advertisement on YouTube which uses storytelling for reaching customers. In this video, the flight attendant finds a crying passenger who travels from the U.K. to India, and she had to say bye to her son, who lives in London.  After landing, the passenger gave her contact to the flight attendant and the flight attendant visits her home and made the great connection beyond the passenger-flight attendant relationship.

At the beginning of the video, it says that this video is made based on the true story. I think this story is a good one to reach the British Airways’ target audience in several ways. First, the aviation industry is in very critical time and a lot of airlines in the world are suffering. After 9/11, all American carriers experienced times under Chapter 11, and other airlines also experienced the financial crisis during the post 9/11 and 2008 Financial Crisis period.  From the middle of the 2000s, the rise of the Middle Eastern airlines with strong financial powers from their oil supplies had changed a whole aviation industry. Airlines such as Emirates, Etihad, and Qatar promote their products and fanciness of their investments on their products through advertisements.  Under this situation, it’s almost impossible for other airlines to appeal to customers by taking advantages of their products due to the financial difficulties.

British Airline emphasized their flight attendants’ warmness of their hearts, instead of just mentioning their products such as the flat bed in business class.

Storytelling method is not too obvious to customers and it is easier way to attract customers to accept what they are selling and providing instead of seeing their advertisement with critical lenses.


Process Post 5

In this week, the main theme of the class was analytics.

I learned how analyzing audience is significant to make my blog successful. Analyzing audience’s behavior and demographic have impacts on optimizing my contents for my audience.

I installed google analytics plugin for my blog and now it’s possible to track where my audience come from and how they end up finding my blog.

This is useful in several ways. First of all, I set up an Instagram page of my blog and posted some photos from my blog to reach the audience on a different platform. Google analytics allow me to analyze whether it’s a useful method to increase the audience or not by tracking how the audience finds my blog.

Another important thing, which I can figure out by looking at the data from google analytics is that my audience’s demographic. As my blog is targeting on the aviation enthusiasts and I’m writing from Vancouverie’s perspective, ideally I get the audience coming from Vancouver and British Columbia. However, if I get many audience from other parts of the world, I can change the contents to fit the demand for my blog.

Overall, google analytics is a very useful tool to build my blog contents stronger and find weakness to improve.

Process Post Week 4

This week, in the lecture, there were discussions about several topics we have talked about throughout the semester so far.

At the beginning, we talked about TJ’s website and our feedback for him.  A lot of classmates agreed about that he should change the color scheme of the website. The yellow small font on the black background was very hard to read and see. Some people in the class recommended to use just black and white or change it to the black font on the white background.


The rest of the lecture, we talked about SWOT, strength, weakness, opportunities and threats of this class, business, and professional self.

To apply those four elements for my blog page, strength would be my review blogs based on my real experience, which is travel review from a student’s perspective. My blog focus on travels, especially flight reviews and travel review from Vancouver to various destinations and various style of travel from a very short trip to a long vacation. The weakness would be the lack of network and experience of writing blog or professional reviews of flights and travels. The opportunity would be connecting with people who also have similar interests as mine. The threat would be that there are a lot of websites and blog pages that focus on traveling and aviation industry, which introduces various knowledge about airplanes, airports, and airlines.

In the tutorial, we watched several video clips of advertising video for books and discussed how effective those videos are in term of delivering ideas for the audience. Some video advertising of books were very hard to imagine what the story would be.  The rest of the tutorial, I was working on my blog theme customization, as I wanted to change the menu location and make it easy for the audience to find categories.