Process Post 3

Logo and Vidual Identity

In this lecture, I learned about the importance and the impact of the visual identity of brands.

Logos define what brand image is. Some famous logo can be identified just Looking at the part of it or color. I have thought about making a logo for my website to have a strong visual recognition and add originality. In the aviation industry, corporate identity and a logo play key roles.  Airlines have unique logos to identify themselves and those logos often represent the history of the airlines.

For example, United Airline’s current logo is not originally United Airline’s logo. When United Airlines and Continental Airlines merged together in 2010, the name of the airline is left as “United Airlines” but the logo picture is from Continental Airlines. 

As my previous post about Air Canada mentioned, changing logo can be very challenging as it may have negative impacts on the corporate identity. It also changes the image of the corporation and may affect to the loyalty of the customers.

I thought to create a logo or image to represent my website, however, the title “Contrail and Runways” may be hard to visualize and also I want to keep my page simple and clean as I’m using a photo I took from the window of the airplane.

Travel with Thomas Review


Travel with Thomas is a great blog page for students who love to travel or who want to travel with affordable budget. Thomas introduces destinations from all over the world, where he has visited. He also introduces activities, places to see and stay in those destinations from a student’s perspective.

As the PUB201 lectures mentioned, specifying the target audience and building community are very significant for shaping a professional self. Thomas’s blog has a very clear target audience. The title of the blog, “Travel with Thomas “ helps the audience to have a clear understanding of what this blog is about. He also clearly defines the target audience by writing “Explore the world on a students budget” under the title. His “About” page also clearly state his target audience and what he hope to achieve throughout his activities on the blog page. As he mentioned about the budget on the subtitle of the blog, he also focuses on budget of travel for each destination.  Each blog post has “cost” section for the audience who wants to know the cost of places he visited and stayed. The cost of travel he introduces is very student friendly and matches his title of the blog. 

In terms of contents of the blog, each post is well organized starting from a clear summary, which gives audience overall ideas of the destinations he introduces. Followed by a summary, he introduces cost and activities/attractions of the destinations. The structure of each page constantly use similar same format and it makes audience easier to read. One thing I noticed is that Thomas summarized his review for Cinque Terra with  “final say” section in the end and rate each element of the trip out of 10. I think it’s very useful method to deliver the information to the audience for the better understanding of his contents and what he liked about and didn’t. So, I would like to see his rating and “final say” for another post, review for Barcelona trip. I really like that Thomas uses artistic photos throughout this blog and it helps to keep the design theme. Keeping a constant design theme strengthen the branding and his professional self.

Thomas’s blog also has social media engagement. Thomas’s Instagram posts have a lot of hashtags to reach as many audiences possible. The link for his Instagram page shows up any pages on the blog and the icon is very easy to find. On the Instagram page, he posts pictures related to his blog posts. The bio of Instagram also has the link to the blog page and it seems very helpful to get the audience from Instagram to his blog page.

Overall, Travel with Thomas has very clear his professional self and deliver clear messages to the target audience.  I really liked Thomas’s blog and I would like to read more of his blog posts and discover the places I’ve never been.

Process Post 2

In this week, in the lecture, we had a guest speaker, TJ Dawe.

He talked about what your brand is and how to build the professional self. Building audience is very important key to lead my brand success. In order to build the audience, it’s is necessary to identify the tribe for my blog.

In my blog, my target audience is very narrow and specific. However, if I successfully reach the target audience, I can build a strong brand, which people come back to my website to get information nd value the contents.

Here are some key points to build the audience/tribe I learned from the class.

  • What is the tribe you lead or participate in?
  • What unique value do you provide to the tribe?
  • What action do you want them to take?
  • Does your community already exist?

In my case, the community of people who love airplane and travel already exist. However, I still believe that I can provide the unique value to my audience, as I like the aviation industry, not only traveling or airplanes. For example, I compare and contrast different airlines safety videos and put my personal opinion on those videos and analysis of how safety video can attract passengers’ attention.

I’m hoping that I can expand the network of the aviation industry enthusiasts in Vancouver and hopefully connect with other people in Vancouver area who share interesting information about airlines, airplanes, and airports on website, social media and blog.

Process Post 1

From this week, my new semester in school has started. In this semester (3 and a half months), I will be focusing on building my own brand and services on this website as a blog page.

We talked about 25 seconds elevator pitch. Pitch, the concise introduction of myself/my brand is very important to grow my brand as it is important to introduce a concise explanation of my brand in 25 seconds when I’m in a business meeting or other opportunities to meet people.

So, here is a very brief introduction to my blog…

Contrail and Runways is a blog for people who are passionate about the aviation industry.  There are 3 parts on this blog. The first one is “Travel Experiences.” the blog posts for reviewing flights, hotels, and places I’ve been. The second part is “Travel Items” the review blog posts of travel goods I’ve used, such as a passport case and a suitcase. The third part is “Discover Airplanes/Airports/Airlines,” is a part I introduce some latest aviation news and interesting facts about the aviation industry.