Flight Review: CX888 YVR-JFK Premium Economy Class

Welcome to another flight review blog! This time, I’ll be reviewing a flight from Vancouver to New York, JFK airport. An interest thing of this flight is that the flight is operated by Cathay Pacific, the Hong Kong based airline, as a part of flight from Hong Kong to New York via Vancouver. If you love aviation news and follow the aviation industry and know a lot about YVR airport, you can easily guess that this flight spot in at the gate 73 for the security reason.

Check-In & Boarding 

As usual, check in at YVR airport. At the check in counter, I and my friend were told that the flight was completely full and they upgraded us from economy class to premium economy class! It was a great surprise as I and my friend participated a volunteer activity for a whole day and was very tired. 

During the boarding, we got to line up on the premium economy class passengers’ priority queue as a part of premium economy class benefits. Usually, cathay Pacific’s boarding process is as follows, the first group is people who need assistance and with children,  the second group is first class passengers, millage club diamond members, One World emerald members, the third group is business class passengers, millage club gold and silver members, One World Sapphire members, the fourth group is premium economy passengers and millage club green members, and then the fifth one is economy class passengers. 

Seat & Amenities

The aircraft was Boeing 777-300ER with 4 classes, which is called 77H. It has 6 first class seats, 53 business class seats, 38 premium economy class seats and 175 economy class seats. As you can imagine, the first class and business class takes almost the half of the airplane and there are not that many economy class seats comparing to other types of 777 or other airlines’ 777-300ER. So, it’s understandable why economy class was overbooked and we got upgraded to premium economy.

The seat configuration is 2-4-2 in Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, which is a typical configuration for premium economy (and economy class is usually 3-3-3 or 3-4-3).

The seat has extra legroom, width and recline comparing to a regular economy class seat.

On the seat, there were pillow, blanket and amenity pouch, since it was a night flight, which left Vancouver in the night and arrived in New York in the next morning. In this flight, because the flight time was only 5 hours, I had to choose whether I sleep 5 hours to prepare myself for discovering NYC or enjoy food & movies. 

Well, I chose to watch the first half of the movie I picked and being awake until the meal service ends, and then got 3 hours of sleep.

Shortly after we settled down on seats, a flight attendant served a welcome drink from the choice of champagne, orange juice and water. I picked up champagne and cheered with my friend.

In-flight Meal

In-flight meal choices were very similar to economy class meal choice, which are often beef/pork, chicken, or vegetarian. I picked up chicken with mashed potato. It came with shrimp salad, bread and cheesecake.

After, the meal service, I slept for about 2 and a half hours and woke up 25 minutes before anding announcement. Shortly after that, the plane landed safely to JFK International Airport and spotted in to Terminal 7. I personally like JFK Terminal 7, as it’s very different from other airports’ terminals I usually use. It used to be owned by British Airways (BA) and operated exclusively British Airways flights. It also has Concorde Room for BA First Class passengers, which I dream to enter one day hopefully.

After landing, I went through the US immigration and customs, and then picked up Uber to the hotel in Manhattan.


It was very comfortable 5 hours flight with the better seats and larger legroom. I could see a lot of differences between regular economy class and premium economy class. Now, I can understand why they call it “premium” economy class, instead of just calling it “economy plus.”

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