Flight Review JL017 YVR-NRT Economy Class

Welcome aboard!

I chose a flight review as my first blog post of this year.

I spent the Christmas and New Year holidays in Japan, this flight review is about the flight I took to go to Japan from Vancouver. JL017 departs Vancouver International Airport (YVR) at 1:00 AM and arrives at Tokyo Narita International Airport at 4:30 PM on the following day due to the time difference.

As always, my travel starts from taking this picture.

The check-in started from 3 hours before the departure time. The check-in was pretty smooth and it was handled by Swissport Staff, instead of Japan Airlines staff members.


It was a very snowy day, however, the lane left the spot on time. It was my first time to fly with Boeing 787-8, which is one of the newest aircraft in the market.


My seat was 45K, which is an exit row seat with window. I am very pleased to get an extra legroom!

One thing that makes JapanAirline’s 787-8 different from any other airlines’ 787-8 is that Japan Airlines is only one airline which has 8 seats in a row in the economy class, as other airlines have 9 seats in a row.

The plane took off smoothly and shortly after take off, beverages and snacks were served. I was surprised that hey served hot towels for even economy class passengers, which many airlines only serve for premium class (first and business classes) passengers.


After the snack, the lunch was served.

The menu was beef sukiyaki and teriyaki chicken with rice, bean salad, Japanese udon noodle, fresh vegetable salad,  fruits salad, and miso soup.

It seems very healthy as they serve many kinds of salads and way more vegetables comparing to many other airlines’ in-flight meal.  I also liked that they serve a small bottle of water with a meal, since the inside of the airplane is usually dry and the body tend to be dehydrated during the long flight.

It was pretty good as an economy class meal

During the flight, I enjoyed 3 movies, which are “Start Treck Beyond,” “Your Name (Japanese title: 君の名は), and Shin Godzilla (Japanese title: シン・ゴジラ).  As the flight was 9 hour, I only had 1 hour to sleep, but I was satisfied so much to be able to catch up with latest movies.

The pillow has an interesting shape and it fits on the neck and comfortable.


Prior to arrival, the second meal was served. The meal was tuna sandwich, pasta salad, and sliced apple.  It was decent for the second meal for the 9 hours flight, but I was expecting a bit more, like one more items like yogurt.

Shortly after the second meal, the plane was ready for descending to Tokyo Narita International Airport (NRT).

The airplane arrived at Tokyo Narita International Airport on time. Shortly after landing, the airplane arrived at the spot and I left airplane with almost no tiredness.

Overall, it was very enjoyable flight, as Japan Airline had many latest movies, good product and seats, and tasty in-flight meals.  In addition, flights attendants were very welcoming and polite throughout the flight and make the flight very comfortable.

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