Flights That I Dream to Fly

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I have so many things I want to try in my future, including ¬†some flights I dream to fly in my future. I am a person who doesn’t mind a long flight, even 15 hour in economy class. So, that makes me to think about to try even longer flights to know my limit.

The first one is the flight from New York (JFK)/Newark (EWR) to Hong Kong (HKG), flights CX831, 841, 845, 899, which is approximately 17 hour. The flight is operated by Cathay Pacific Airways (CX). This route of this flight is both of westbound and eastbound (and operator decides the route on the day of the flight). In most of the cases, the airplane flies over the North Pole and passengers can see beautiful islands covered by snow from airplanes’ windows.

CX New Lively

The second one is from Hong Kong (HKG) to Bangkok (BKK) operated by Emirates Airline (EK), flight EK385. The reason why I want to fly this flight is this is one of the most easiest way to try Emirates Airline’s A380 business class (with gorgeous inflight lounge). It’s a good way to try out their business class bar and lounge in A380.

You can see the inside of Emirates Airline’s A380 through google map.¬†From this link, you can discover the inside of Emirates A380 and what the seats look like.

The third one is from Newark (EWR) to Singapore (SIN) which is currently not operated (used to be flight SQ21). This flight used to be operated by Singapore Airlines with A340-500 and it took 18 hour 40 minutes. They stopped to operate because of the expiration of lease contract between them and Airbus. However Singapore Airlines will start to operate in 2019 when they receive brand new A350ULR.

Airplanes carry not only passengers and cargo, but they also carry passengers’ dreams. When I travel, I get so excited to plan what to do during the trip and also the flight itself. In my opinion, traveling starts from planning to decide where I fly and decide what route I would take. There are millions of flights in the world and those above are the three of them that I want to fly in the future.

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