New Year, New Me, New Air Canada

The new year is a good timing to start something new, especially something you haven’t tried before.

A couple weeks ago, Air Canada, the largest airline in Canada and one of the best-rated airlines in the North America releases information regarding their new livery and the new uniform for its employees.


I was very surprised about this new livery.  Air Canada’s current livery is still great and modern design which they could use the next 20 years for sure. When Air Canada introduced the current light blue livery, it was a turning point for airlines’ liveries. Before that, most of the airlines had very bright vivid colors for their liveries and none of them used light neutral color for liveries. And Air Canada’s current livery still look good and people can easily recognize that’s Air Canada’s aircraft.

The new livery looks very classic, in a good way, but also in a bad way. It looks like a concept design of new aircraft, especially the dark shade on the front windows around the cockpit. Without the Air Canada logo, it’s very hard to identify which airline’s aircraft it is.  The new livery also looks like the one used in decades ago, when other airlines used vivid bright colors for their logos and liveries. Bring the classic taste n design would be nice, but I think it would be nice if they added some notable essence of Air Canada to show their identities.

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