Process Post 5

In this week, the main theme of the class was analytics.

I learned how analyzing audience is significant to make my blog successful. Analyzing audience’s behavior and demographic have impacts on optimizing my contents for my audience.

I installed google analytics plugin for my blog and now it’s possible to track where my audience come from and how they end up finding my blog.

This is useful in several ways. First of all, I set up an Instagram page of my blog and posted some photos from my blog to reach the audience on a different platform. Google analytics allow me to analyze whether it’s a useful method to increase the audience or not by tracking how the audience finds my blog.

Another important thing, which I can figure out by looking at the data from google analytics is that my audience’s demographic. As my blog is targeting on the aviation enthusiasts and I’m writing from Vancouverie’s perspective, ideally I get the audience coming from Vancouver and British Columbia. However, if I get many audience from other parts of the world, I can change the contents to fit the demand for my blog.

Overall, google analytics is a very useful tool to build my blog contents stronger and find weakness to improve.

Process Post Week 4

This week, in the lecture, there were discussions about several topics we have talked about throughout the semester so far.

At the beginning, we talked about TJ’s website and our feedback for him.  A lot of classmates agreed about that he should change the color scheme of the website. The yellow small font on the black background was very hard to read and see. Some people in the class recommended to use just black and white or change it to the black font on the white background.


The rest of the lecture, we talked about SWOT, strength, weakness, opportunities and threats of this class, business, and professional self.

To apply those four elements for my blog page, strength would be my review blogs based on my real experience, which is travel review from a student’s perspective. My blog focus on travels, especially flight reviews and travel review from Vancouver to various destinations and various style of travel from a very short trip to a long vacation. The weakness would be the lack of network and experience of writing blog or professional reviews of flights and travels. The opportunity would be connecting with people who also have similar interests as mine. The threat would be that there are a lot of websites and blog pages that focus on traveling and aviation industry, which introduces various knowledge about airplanes, airports, and airlines.

In the tutorial, we watched several video clips of advertising video for books and discussed how effective those videos are in term of delivering ideas for the audience. Some video advertising of books were very hard to imagine what the story would be.  The rest of the tutorial, I was working on my blog theme customization, as I wanted to change the menu location and make it easy for the audience to find categories.

3 Nights 8 Days Trip Part 5

Welcome aboard!

Day 6: Singapore Part 1

Some of you may think “Why I did not stay in Hong Kong and fly to Singapore?” Well, if you have been to Hong Kong or have planned a trip to Hong Kong, you would know that hotels in Hong Kong are very expensive because Hong kong Dollars changes according to USD changes. So, staying one night in 3 stars hotel in Hong Kong would cost almost same as the total of the round trip from Hong Kong and Singapore and one night in 4 stars hotel in Singapore.  So, that’s why I decided to visit Singapore instead of staying in Hong Kong, and another reason is I’ve never been to Singapore.


The flight was full although it was night flight which arrives Singapore at 5:50 AM.

I took a taxi ride to hotel and decided to take a rest.

DSC02369DSC02680 DSC02432DSC02417

After few hour of discovering Singapore, I started loving sSingapore so much, not only because I visited there in February when Vancouver is freezing and wet all day, but it also because of great food with very cheap price.

One of the most famous Singaporean cuisines is chicken rice (or Hainan chicken rice).  It is a steamed or roasted chicken served with rice and soup. The price range for chicken rice in regular food courts is between $3.5 and $5.0 (1 Singapore Dollar is almost same as 1 Canadian Dollar). So, those are cheap and taste amazingly great.


Another notable thing about Singapore is the developed public transit. I could go pretty much every major places in Singapore by using subways. The ticket for subway ride is also cheap. I love cities with great public transit or have cheap taxi fare, because I don’t have the  international drivers licence and also I like taking public transit because it makes me feel like becoming local people in the places I visit.DSC02397DSC02393DSC02413

In the evening, I went to see Merlion, one of the symbolic statue of Singapore. The contrast between Merlion and tall buildings in Marina area creates great atmosphere that made me think this is a special place, not similar to anywhere in the world. After enjoying the great view of Merlion and beautiful buildings, I visited The Long Bar in Raffles Hotel to drink Singapore Sling. It tasted great and became one of my favorite cocktail so far.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

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Process Post 3

Logo and Vidual Identity

In this lecture, I learned about the importance and the impact of the visual identity of brands.

Logos define what brand image is. Some famous logo can be identified just Looking at the part of it or color. I have thought about making a logo for my website to have a strong visual recognition and add originality. In the aviation industry, corporate identity and a logo play key roles.  Airlines have unique logos to identify themselves and those logos often represent the history of the airlines.

For example, United Airline’s current logo is not originally United Airline’s logo. When United Airlines and Continental Airlines merged together in 2010, the name of the airline is left as “United Airlines” but the logo picture is from Continental Airlines. 

As my previous post about Air Canada mentioned, changing logo can be very challenging as it may have negative impacts on the corporate identity. It also changes the image of the corporation and may affect to the loyalty of the customers.

I thought to create a logo or image to represent my website, however, the title “Contrail and Runways” may be hard to visualize and also I want to keep my page simple and clean as I’m using a photo I took from the window of the airplane.

3 Nights 8 Days Trip Part 4

Welcome aboard!


Day 5: Discovering Hong Kong and Hong Kong International Airport

Since, my flight arrive at Hong Kong International Airport at 4:30 AM, I have to wait until around 9 AM or 10 PM which most of stores’open time.DSC02247DSC02249

At 4:30 AM, although Hong Kong International Airport is considered as one of the busiest airports in the world, it is very quiet around this time. It was very interesting to see the quiet check-in area, which I’ve never seen.

So I decide to go to Cathay Pacific Airways’ arrival lounge in the airport.

DSC02263 DSC02254DSC02259

Arrival lounge has small sofa area, buffet food area (breakfast was served when I went there) and shower rooms with washroom. It  is very small comparing to departure lounges. After 5 AM, the lounge was packed with a lot of people arrived from long haul flights from Europe, North America, and South Pacific region, since Cathay Pacific has so many flights arriving in Hong Kong between 5 AM and 7 AM for the connection flights leaving Hong Kong from 8 AM to 10 AM.

After few hour of staying at arrival lounge, I decided to discover Hong Kong because my flight to next destination is 1 AM.

DSC02292 DSC02290 DSC02274 DSC02297

When I visited Hong Kong, it was Chinese New Year week, so there are decorations for celebration everywhere and a lot more tourists than usual. Another thing I noticed was the air quality in Hong Kong. When I visited Hong Kong in 2011, 2012 and 2013, the air quality is not as polluted as this time. In addition, it was hard to see skyscrapers in Hong Kong Island from Kowloon side.

After sightseeing and having good food in Hong Kong, I decided to go back to Hong Kong airport for another flight to next destination.

The trip time from Kowloon station to the airport is only 24 minutes. From my experience, Hong Kong has one of the fastest airport express train in the world.  It takes only 26 minutes from the airport to Hong Kong station, which is central of Hong Kong and where various businesses take place.

After a short transit trip in Hong Kong, I came back to the airport.

DSC02327  DSC02329

Airplane watching as usual.

After spending few hours in the airport, the boarding for the flight had started. The time in Hong Kong was 1:20, so it was Day 6 of 8 Days Trip!


Next destination: Singapore!

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

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