Peer Review for Pacific West Photography


Pacific West Photography is a great website to discover the beautiful nature of the British Columbia and the west coast culture. Pacific West Photography has an Instagram page, which features beautiful photos she has taken. In terms of the social media use, there is the link of the Instagram with the icon, which makes easy for the audience to visit her Instagram page. I think using only Instagram is a great decision, as her website mainly focuses on the beautiful nature of the British Columbia and Instagram is a much better platform to share photos in public, comparing to other social media platforms.

On her Instagram page, she posted photos she has posted on her website. Each photo has a lot of hashtags that helps to bring the audience into her Instagram photos. She also has the link to her website on the bio. The bio of the Instagram is very simple but describes enough about what her Instagram page is about. The contents of the Instagram is very well-related to her website contents. Regarding her Instagram page, I would suggest two things she can improve to make it better. The first point is the comments for her food photos. Her Instagram page has some food photos which she introduced on her website in details, so that audience who have visited her Instagram can go to her website to discover in depth of the recipes she writes. Since she posted many great photos of food, she could have written “link in bio for the recipe” to guide her Instagram followers and audience to her website to make the traffic more active. The second point is her communication with her audience and followers. She gets a lot of positive comments on the posts to compliments her beautiful contents. However, it seems like she has not replied to most of the comments she gets. So, I would recommend her to reply even very short words such as “Thanks!” to show that she actually care about her audience and followers. If she replies specific comment, the person who commented gets a notification and it increases the chance to bring that person back to her Instagram page. Social media is a place to communicate with the audience and followers, so if she shows her caring attitude toward her audience, they more likely to come back to her page and check new posts.

Overall, Pacific West Photography Instagram page has great contents and a lot of followers. Her use of hashtags and beautiful photos has potential to increase the access to her blog page through the link in bio. She may need minor improvements for the response for the comments, and the comment to introduce recipes of the food she posts. However, other than those, her Instagram page is great and very enjoyable to see all those beautiful pictures.


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