Process Post 1

From this week, my new semester in school has started. In this semester (3 and a half months), I will be focusing on building my own brand and services on this website as a blog page.

We talked about 25 seconds elevator pitch. Pitch, the concise¬†introduction of myself/my brand is very important to grow my brand as it is important to introduce a concise¬†explanation of my brand in 25 seconds when I’m in a business meeting or other opportunities to meet people.

So, here is a very brief introduction to my blog…

Contrail and Runways is a blog for people who are passionate about the aviation industry. ¬†There are 3 parts on this blog. The first one is “Travel Experiences.” the blog posts for reviewing flights, hotels, and places I’ve been. The second part is “Travel Items” the review blog posts of travel goods I’ve used, such as a passport case and a suitcase. The third part is “Discover Airplanes/Airports/Airlines,” is a part I introduce some latest aviation news and interesting facts about the aviation industry.


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