Process Post 10

In week 10 of class, it’s very close to the end of the semester.

In the tutorial, I tested my websites’ mobile friendliness by using mobiletest. It seems like on some devices, my website is displayed weirdly on certain devices, like on the iPad mini.  I’ve been trying to make my website as mobile friendly and easy to read as possible, however sometimes the placement of photos and texts may seem awkward or not mobile-friendly. Since, my blog mainly talks about airplanes, airports, airlines, and travel, the visual images are very important and deliver the contents in an appropriate way is necessary to keep my audience entertained and attracting.

It is sometimes hard to put a lot of photos and texts in one post as it may break the balance within my website. I have been trying to make every post be the similar length and help the audience to keep the same reading speed. In case a post may go over my average length, I also consider about breaking the posts into multiple blog posts. I used this method for my 3 Nights 8 Days travel series. This travel series was very long series as I had to expand it up to part 7. I believe that by using this method to breaking one travel review into several posts, the audience can feel like they’re traveling with me and feel the excitement of what will happen the next.

Optimizing contents for the target audience is significant to increase the user friendliness of my website and make the audience want to return my website to discover more of my contents.

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