Process Post 2

In this week, in the lecture, we had a guest speaker, TJ Dawe.

He talked about what your brand is and how to build the professional self. Building audience is very important key to lead my brand success. In order to build theĀ audience, it’s is necessary to identify the tribe for my blog.

In my blog, my target audience is very narrow and specific. However, if I successfully reach the target audience, IĀ can build a strong brand, which people come back to my website to get information nd value the contents.

Here are some key points to build the audience/tribe I learned from the class.

  • What is the tribe you lead or participate in?
  • What unique value do you provide to the tribe?
  • What action do you want them to take?
  • Does your community already exist?

In my case, the community of people who love airplane and travel already exist. However, I still believe that I can provide the unique value to my audience, as I like the aviation industry, not only traveling or airplanes. For example, I compare and contrast different airlines safety videos and put my personal opinion on those videos and analysis of how safety video can attract passengers’ attention.

I’m hoping that I can expand the network of the aviation industry enthusiasts in Vancouver and hopefully connect with other people in Vancouver area who share interesting information about airlines, airplanes, and airports on website, social media and blog.

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