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Logo and Vidual Identity

In this lecture, I learned about the importance and the impact of the visual identity of brands.

Logos define what brand image is. Some famous logo can be identified just Looking at the part of it or color. I have thought about making a logo for my website to have a strong visual recognition and add originality. In the aviation industry, corporate identity and a logo play key roles.  Airlines have unique logos to identify themselves and those logos often represent the history of the airlines.

For example, United Airline’s current logo is not originally United Airline’s logo. When United Airlines and Continental Airlines merged together in 2010, the name of the airline is left as “United Airlines” but the logo picture is from Continental Airlines. 

As my previous post about Air Canada mentioned, changing logo can be very challenging as it may have negative impacts on the corporate identity. It also changes the image of the corporation and may affect to the loyalty of the customers.

I thought to create a logo or image to represent my website, however, the title “Contrail and Runways” may be hard to visualize and also I want to keep my page simple and clean as I’m using a photo I took from the window of the airplane.

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