Process Post 5

In this week, the main theme of the class was analytics.

I learned how analyzing audience is significant to make my blog successful. Analyzing audience’s behavior and demographic have impacts on optimizing my contents for my audience.

I installed google analytics plugin for my blog and now it’s possible to track where my audience come from and how they end up finding my blog.

This is useful in several ways. First of all, I set up an Instagram page of my blog and posted some photos from my blog to reach the audience on a different platform. Google analytics allow me to analyze whether it’s a useful method to increase the audience or not by tracking how the audience finds my blog.

Another important thing, which I can figure out by looking at the data from google analytics is that my audience’s demographic. As my blog is targeting on the aviation enthusiasts and I’m writing from Vancouverie’s perspective, ideally I get the audience coming from Vancouver and British Columbia. However, if I get many audience from other parts of the world, I can change the contents to fit the demand for my blog.

Overall, google analytics is a very useful tool to build my blog contents stronger and find weakness to improve.

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