Process Post 7

Week 7 Lecture

Advertising and sponsored posts/contents

The example of The review article for a camera and the editorial process to publish the article helped to understand how those sponsored contents were made. The company which provides a product for the writer/reviewer wants to emphasize the benefits and advantages of the products as much as they can and ask to minimize the negative comment for the products. In addition, the sponsor also desires to decide the length of the review as they pointed out that many readers do not read over 1500 words review.

Another thing I learned in the lecture is that to write a sponsored content, ethics is a significant part. The writer/reviewer of a sponsored content needs to mention that the content is sponsored, instead of hiding sponsorship and pretend to write a legit review article. To let the audience know whether the review article is sponsored or not is very significant in order to build credibility and trust between the author and audience. At this point, I haven’t reached out to any companies to sponsor my blog or giving me products/services to review. However, in the future, it may happen and to keep the ethics for advertised contents in my mind is hugely significant for both buildingĀ audience and keeping their trust toward my contents.

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