Process Post 8

In this week, the main theme was customer services and public relation.

We were given four examples that companies/individuals had problems with a public relation on social media platforms. The most obvious one is the ad campaign run by Victoria’s Secret’s “perfect body” campaign. Obviously, there is no standard of “perfect body” for everyone. Everyone has different ideal body images and those needed to be respected. However, Victoria’s¬†Secret used models who look pretty similar to push the image of their “perfect body” for every customer. In this case, this ad campaign fired on many social media platforms and there were a lot of critique toward Victoria’s Secret.

Another advertisement example used in the class was Ethiopian Airlines’ ads in London Heathrow airport. The TA told that when he traveled to London, there were many Ethiopian Airlines advertisement at the terminal. What I thought after hearing the story was that Ethiopian Airlines wanted people to be aware that Ethiopian Airlines exists. When people like me, an aviation enthusiast hear about African airline, mostly they would imagine South African Airlines, because of their network and some events/issues/incidents related to South African Airlines. So, building public image takes time, effort and money. From my perspective, Ethiopian Airlines is one of the best airlines in Africa, as they purchased many brand new aircraft such as A350 and B787 and improving their services. However, there are many people who do not know what Ethiopian Airlines is. So that, their marketing strategies to post a lot of advertisements at Heathrow Airport, one of the busiest airports in the world would be ideal to reach as many people as possible, and like my TA, people who don’t know Ethiopian Airlines can be aware of them.

It actually makes sense that Ethiopian Airlines put ads on London Heathrow Airport as Ethiopia is located in the North Africa and there is demand for people who travel from Europe to Africa transit in Ethiopia or people travel from the Southeast Asia to Europe via Ethiopia.

The ad campaign and reaching out to the target audience is very significant to expand the sales, awareness toward the brand and getting more customers. However, the ad campaign needs to be done in right way as many ad campaigns failed like the example of Victoria’s Secret.

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