Process Post 9

This week, we had a guest speaker, Tod Maffin from engageQ. He talked about the crisis management on social media channels for corporations and organizations.

In the age of social media and online communications, responses for customers/users/clients on social media channels need to be very careful and thoughtful in order to avoid social media crisis, such as Twitter War.

He mentioned “SWARM” the way to communicate with people on social media channels. SWARM stands for

  • Speak like a human
  • Win-Win
  • Avoid a public fight
  • Rights the wrong
  • Make friends

The first point, “speak like a human” is a very basic skill to understand customers’ feeling. If a customer gets a message/email which seems like written by an AI or copy and pasted text, the customer more likely to get angrier and the situation gets even worse.

Win-win is that both of customer and company win together as solving problems in the way benefits both of them. However, customers may be just angry and if that’s the case, a company cannot do much or it is hard to help to let company win at the same time.

Avoid a public fight is another very useful advice from Tod. As many organizations use social media, they need to minimize the risk that someone spreads negative information/comments on social media, where everyone in the world can see.

Rights the wrong is very significant for a company. If a customer is misinformed or has wrong information, correct the wrong information can be very helpful to let the customer understand why the things went wrong.

Finally, make friends is a great opportunity to change an angry customer to a loyal customer who loves the product/service a company provides.

In the future, when I expand my website services, those 5 key points to keep good customer relation becomes very significant. This information is also important for dealing with any customers in general in my life.

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