Process Post Week 4

This week, in the lecture, there were discussions about several topics we have talked about throughout the semester so far.

At the beginning, we talked about TJ’s website and our feedback for him.  A lot of classmates agreed about that he should change the color scheme of the website. The yellow small font on the black background was very hard to read and see. Some people in the class recommended to use just black and white or change it to the black font on the white background.


The rest of the lecture, we talked about SWOT, strength, weakness, opportunities and threats of this class, business, and professional self.

To apply those four elements for my blog page, strength would be my review blogs based on my real experience, which is travel review from a student’s perspective. My blog focus on travels, especially flight reviews and travel review from Vancouver to various destinations and various style of travel from a very short trip to a long vacation. The weakness would be the lack of network and experience of writing blog or professional reviews of flights and travels. The opportunity would be connecting with people who also have similar interests as mine. The threat would be that there are a lot of websites and blog pages that focus on traveling and aviation industry, which introduces various knowledge about airplanes, airports, and airlines.

In the tutorial, we watched several video clips of advertising video for books and discussed how effective those videos are in term of delivering ideas for the audience. Some video advertising of books were very hard to imagine what the story would be.  The rest of the tutorial, I was working on my blog theme customization, as I wanted to change the menu location and make it easy for the audience to find categories.

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