Seat Selection for Flights

Welcome aboard!

When you fly to somewhere by airplane, what would you imagine about your flight?

Food, in-flight entertainment, or seat that you will be seating for the next 15 hour?

Seat is one of the most important elements of any flights and I always choose my seat very carefully.

Except some regional flights, most of the flights in the world, you can book your seat in advance.

I am a student and cannot afford to pay $5,000.00 for just going home with business class. So I always stick with economy class (or coach class), unless I have tons of millage in my airline millage membership account and be able to get free business class ticket (or even premium economy class ticket).

Choosing the most comfortable seat/aircraft is one of the most important priority for me and I always use website called Seatguru.

In this website, when you select an airline you fly with and aircraft (aircraft information is usually written on e-ticket or booking confirmation email).

Example of Cathay Pacific’s 777-300ER┬áHere is the example of Seatguru page and when you open the link, you will see the airplane seat map. If you already know your seat, you can click the seat and see is there is any special information about the seat. The seat shown with color has specific meanings, for example the seats colored with green is considered as good seats like exit row seats with extra legroom.


Using this website would help you to choose a good seat for your flight and I recommend to use this website if you are about to book a flight in the future.


Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

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