Where to Travel?

In this post, I will explain how I decide where to travel.

I have very specific criteria for planning the destination and the duration of the trip.


I usually decide destinations first. Destinations I pick are usually,

  • Places have public transportation
  • Or affordable taxi/Uber available
  • Big cities

The first 2 criteria are simply because I don’t have a drivers license and even if I had, I’m too scared to drive oversea. I like New York and Singapore so much, and one of the reasons is that I can go pretty much anywhere by taking public transit.

In addition, I love big cities where there are a lot of people and be the centre of culture. I like seeing big buildings and beautiful night view. Big cities also tend to have landmark places to visit within walking distances and I like all of those factors to form big cities.


Duration is very important to decide where to travel. If I’m going to Europe, I prefer to go longer than a week. If I only have few days, I prefer to go somewhere within the North America, such as Seattle or New York. Another important factor is the convenience of flights/transportations to get the destination. If the flight to the destination is not flying every single day, it’s hard to make a travel vacation plan. In the case of 3 Nights 8 Days Trip, I had one week break in school and I planned to visit as many places as possible in a week. In addition, I had never been to Abu Dhabi and Singapore, so I definitely wanted to travel to those destinations.

Duration is quite significant to consider where I can travel and how long I have to each destination. So, I’ve experienced 3 Nights 8 Days Trip and also A Weekend in New York.


“Why I travel?” is the most important question I usually ask to myself. I love New York and I always get a lot of inspiration by walking in Manhattan. There are a lot of arts, amusements, shops, restaurants, and places I love to visit and all of these give me the great impression of New York.  Right now, my dream place to visit is Europe, especially London and Paris. The reason is that I’ve never traveled in Europe and it’s completely new world for me. I heard from a lot of friends that the North America and Europe are very different and I should visit as many cities as possible in Europe if I have opportunities.  So, discovering the new world is my primary purpose of my travel in recent days.

Destination, duration, and purpose, all of these sound very basic factor in deciding where to travel and it’s good to consider why you want to travel to the destination before making a plan. You may find better place to travel to by discovering your own criteria for travel plan making.

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